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Car Loans – Requirements to meet

If you need financing, Car Loans can be of interest to you. As a company dedicated to the pawn firm offers loans from 500 euros to 15,000 euros. This company invoices with the company, KotseCar. with registered office in Barcelona, ​​Paseo de Gracia 53, 1st 1st.

It has been implanted in our country for years, being an alternative to Kotche as well as other similar loans. In the following article from Cristock we will show the characteristics and conditions of these quick credits. Having both advantages and disadvantages being what we are going to see.

What loans on cars are the ones signed by the Carqueen financial company?

What loans on cars are the ones signed by the Carqueen financial company?

This financial thing is to sign credits in guarantee of vehicles both in circulation and in deposit. It does not carry out a single type of financing but offers its clients to do it in both ways. Something that at least we consider as positive because not everyone wants to have to deposit their vehicle.

There are those who prefer to continue circulating with the vehicle. That is, he does not make personal loans but instead focuses on the so-called loans with endorsement. Of course the option in circulation will always be more expensive than the view in deposit. The financial here assumes a higher risk and therefore applies a higher rental cost.

By the way, although it is called car loans or pawn is not really a credit. Here the clients do not pay interest but pay a rent fee. This is because what the financiers do when they make the loan is to change the name of the vehicle. The financiers put up until the vehicle is canceled in their name. With this what the financial seeks is to obtain security, even more if the vehicle continues to circulate.

What are the KotseCar loans for?

What are the KotseCar loans for?

More or less they are good for everything, although in Cristock we think that they are mostly used to get fast money. That is, for when people and companies need to get loans instantly. They are also used to solve problems such as the asnef. Canceling debts in delinquency records is easy with this type of financing.

It is because the financiers do not take into account the financial situation of whoever asks for the money. Only take into account the guarantee provided, nothing more. And this is something that is undoubtedly a positive aspect of financing.

Documentation requested in this financing in the form of commitment

Documentation requested in this financing in the form of commitment

The documentation as you can imagine is the vehicle because the financial does not care about the rest. When doing the study analyzing only the vehicle in question will not take into account the other variables.

The incomes of the applicants, asnef, indebtedness… none of this is valued.

  1. Vehicle data sheet
  2. Circulation permit
  3. DNI of the holders of the property in question.
  4. Photos of the vehicle
  5. Surely in order

This is the documentation that customers have to provide in the processing of one of these credits on vehicles.

Requirements to meet if you want to be able to request money in the KotseCar financial

If you want to ask for a loan in this company, we show you the requirements that you have to fulfill. That basically are the vehicle, no matter the rest as we have indicated the rest.

  • The vehicle that you provide as a guarantee must be free of charges.
  • Must be less than 7 years old if possible.
  • The good provided has to be in perfect condition and have gone through all the mechanical checks.
  • Before signing the loan the vehicle will pass through the workshop to make the appropriate checks.